"Inflection: Career Arcs from Evolving India" - Fingerprint Publishing, December 2017

Author’s Note – Inflection: Career Arcs from Evolving India

Inflection" traces the career journeys of 32 professionals, all from the 1999 batch of IIM-Kolkata, over 18 years of their professional lives, and through them delves into the changing face of careers in the last 2 decades since liberalization. "Inflection" is as much about individual journeys of people who chose entrepreneurship, corporate careers, offbeat tracks or winding careers as about careers becoming more of our reflections and getting imbued with personality

"NO MAN's LAND" - Fingerprint Publishing, November 2013

Author’s Note – No Man’s Land

“No Man’s Land” is inspired from the Mahabharata. Not transposed, not adapted, just inspired. It would be too ambitious for me to try anything else. This is a small attempt to convey the ‘sense’ of the epic in a contemporary plot – its moral dilemmas and ambiguities, the greyness of characters, the fatalism and eventually the power of individual choice that can attempt to override fate. An attempt that’s made by mirroring some of the key characters of the epic, without restricting the writing to adapting events in the epic one by one. Hence the characters in the book have their own life and logic but hopefully their dilemmas are what may resonate beyond.

"THE SECOND HAND"- Cedar Books, September 2009

Author’s Note – The Second Hand

Living in a metro can induce amnesia. It’s sometimes hard to remember that there is a country that exists beyond the last train station or the expressway. It’s also hard to remember that the country beyond lives differently, thinks differently and often behaves in ways that can short circuit an urbanites hardwired living. This is just a small effort to jog my memory, to inch back a few steps - having seen a bit of both the worlds. If there is fiction, it is in the events and the names but not in the sounds and the setting. They refuse to die away, despite the speed of the trains, the reach of the mobiles and the blindness of men. Some people say India is growing and growth often induces stretching – at the seams, at the edges and at the ties that hold families together. In the noise of the city, the stretching can get easily ignored, but step out of the city – there, in the empty spaces that lie between people, the creaking sound is clearly audible.

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